How Can I Purchase Shares of the Fund for the First Time?

Before purchasing Sound Shore Fund shares, you must read the Fund's prospectus.  Please see a copy of the most recent prospectus or can be obtained by calling (800) 551-1980, or the SEC website at https://www.sec.gov. Shares of the Fund may be purchased directly from the Fund by check, wire or Automated Clearing House (ACH) which allows payment by EFT from your designated bank account. Fund shares may also be purchased through your investment professional. To wire funds, you must contact the Transfer Agent at (800) 551-1980.

How Can I Purchase Shares Directly from the Fund?

To purchase shares directly from the Fund, complete the account application.  Send a signed account application form with a check made payable to Sound Shore Fund to the address indicated on the form. To complete initial transactions by wire or ACH payment, you must contact the transfer agent at (800) 551-1980.

Are NTF Programs Available?

The Sound Shore Fund is available in many of the major No-Transaction-Fee (NTF) programs including:

  • Schwab Institutional OneSource Program
  • Fidelity Institutional Brokerage Services
  • TD Ameritrade
What is the Fund's Minimum Initial Investment?

For the Investor Class, if the purchase is made directly with the Fund, the minimum initial investment is $10,000 for a standard account and $2,000 for a traditional or ROTH IRA account. Contact your investment professional for applicable investment minimums if purchasing Fund shares through a financial institution.

The minimum initial investment amount is $1,000,000 for Institutional Class shares of the Fund. There is no minimum for subsequent investments in Institutional Class shares. The Fund may reduce or waive the minimum initial investment amount in some cases. Investors purchasing Institutional Class shares through financial intermediaries may be subject to different minimums or charges imposed by such intermediaries.

What is the Fund's Minimum Subsequent Investment?

There is no minimum for subsequent purchases of Fund shares made by check or bank wire directly with the Fund. There is a $50 minimum for subsequent telephone purchases made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and for monthly transfers under the Automatic Investment Plan. Contact your investment professional for applicable investment minimums if purchasing additional Fund shares through a financial institution.

Are Systematic Investment and Withdrawal Plans Available?

Yes, see the sections entitled "Systematic Investments" and "Systematic Withdrawal" on the Fund's prospectus.

How Can I Redeem Shares of the Fund?

Shares of the Fund can be redeemed on business days by mail or telephone (if you authorized telephone privileges on your account application) directly with the Fund or through your investment professional. Shareholders who have elected telephone redemption privileges on their subscription order form may redeem shares by phoning the Transfer Agent at (800) 551-1980. For more complete information regarding redeeming Fund shares see the prospectus.

Does the Fund Have Any Sales Charge or 12B-1 Fee?

No, the Fund is a 100% "no-load" Fund. It does not impose a sales load on purchases, reinvested dividends or redemptions. Additionally, the Fund does not have redemption, exchange or 12b-1 fees. See the Fund's prospectus for other fees and expenses.

When Does the Fund Pay Distributions?

The Fund pays dividend income, if any, semi-annually. Capital gain distributions, if any, are paid annually in December.  See distribution history.

How Can I Get Your Fund's Portfolio Holdings?

Click here to access the Fund's portfolio holdings in the latest audited annual or unaudited semi-annual report or call (800) 551-1980 to order a copy of the Fund's most recent report. Click here to access the Fund's top ten portfolio holdings as of the most recent month end.

Can I Purchase Fund Shares by Phone?

Yes, Fund shares can be purchased by phone if your account is set up for the ACH privilege. To establish the ACH privilege, see "Bank Account Information" in section 10 of the Fund's Account Application.

What Hours Can I Make Fund Trades by Phone?

Purchases (ACH only) and redemptions may be placed between the hours of 8AM and 4PM eastern standard time for the net asset value computed at that day's close. Purchases (ACH only) and redemptions placed from 4PM to 6PM will be transacted at the net asset value computed at the next day's close.