Responsible Investing

Since its founding in 1978, Sound Shore Management, Inc. has been committed to an equitable culture focused on the best interests of our clients and our staff. The first generation partners, two men and one woman, instilled basic principles that include teamwork, integrity, accountability, gratitude and maintaining a long-term perspective. We believe these qualities are hallmarks of a thoughtfully managed, sustainable business. While Sound Shore does not pursue environmental, social, and governance (ESG) as the Fund’s principal investment strategy, our value investment process considers many of the factors important to focused ESG investors. As signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI) since 2016, we promote transparency, disclosure, measurement, accountability and improvement – in our own business, with our partners and the companies with which we invest. These principals echo our own values.

The Adviser analyzes risk on a company-by-company basis. The Adviser considers governance as well as environmental and social factors (ESG) as appropriate. While valuation, governance, environmental and social factors are analyzed, the evaluation of all key investment considerations is industry- and company-specific. Consequently, no one issue necessarily disqualifies a company from investment and no individual characteristic must be present prior to investment.