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Disciplined, Fundamental, Value equity strategy. 


Employee owned and operated.


Sound Shore’s employees and profit sharing plan are invested in the Sound Shore Fund.


Firm founded in 1978 and adviser to the Sound Shore Fund since its inception in 1985.


Strive to outperform the market averages over a full market cycle while keeping keen focus on risk.

Sound Shore Management, Inc. is an independent and employee owned investment advisor that has been registered with the SEC since its founding in 1978.   In addition to managing customized separate accounts, we offer commingled vehicles and have served as advisor to the Sound Shore Fund, a no-load mutual fund, since its inception in 1985. 

Our contrarian investment strategy is focused - disciplined fundamental value equity.

"Focus is important... since founding the firm in 1978 we have pursued only one value driven investment strategy for all of our clients."

- Harry Burn, Co-Chairman, Portfolio Manager -

"We execute a team driven, bottom-up research process."

- John DeGulis, President, Portfolio Manager -

"For over forty years we have consistently and successfully applied a strict fundamental valuation approach to highlight long-term investment opportunities."

- T. Gibbs Kane, Jr., Co-Chairman, Portfolio Manager -

"We research one stock at a time, focusing on company-specific drivers that will build long term value."

- Jim Clark, Partner, Analyst -